Court Appointed Administration

For condos, strata and HOAs that require an impartial administrator to manage their corporation.  Successful administration manages the corporation till such a point where it can be turned back to an owner based board.

Most legislation governing condominiums, strata and HOAs provide a mechanism for the courts to appoint an administrator, to take over the administration (from the board) of a corporation where the corporation has shown substantial inability to govern itself.

It is important to note that the appointment of an administrator is an extraordinary remedy that courts will only utilize when absolutely necessary. Leaving the governance of the corporation with the democratically elected board is always the preferred choice.

A good line of understanding when an administrator would be appointed is where the corporation meets one or more of the following circumstances:

List of Criteria

  • An established, demonstrated, inability of the board to manage the needs of the corporation.
  • A demonstrated misconduct or mismanagement (or both) in relation to affairs of the corporation.
  • A struggle of competing groups within the corporation impedes or prevents proper governance of the corporation.
  • A belief only the appointment of an administrator has any reasonable prospect of bringing to order the affairs of the corporation.

With 247Condo, we report to the courts in person and with detailed documentation, we take direction from the Justices, and offer a reliable process to move the corporation back into an orderly and self-governed state.

To reach that, on the non-court side, we provide clear communication with owners, rebuild and retain relationships with vendors, audit and clarify the affairs of the corporation, bring order to the finances, and resolve the issues preventing proper governance of the corporation.