Chair & Board Services

Make board meeting amicable and General Meetings (AGMs and EGMs) functional – even the meetings you fear might be physically violent.

247Condo provides (much like a mediation for a group meeting) an impartial third party to corporations that need direction, training, and function for holding meetings, that are completed as amicably as possible under the circumstances. We bring vast experience in managing groups of all sizes, along with the expertise in legislation required, to deal with even the most raucous of meetings.

AGM, EGM & Town Hall Chair Services

Owners in conflict with the corporation appreciate an independent chair – one that is neither a member of the board, an owner, or an employee of their management company. By establishing neutrality, and a process where no owner is excluded, 247Condo is highly successful at ensuring measured dialog and – importantly – the completion of business for the AGM, EGM, or town hall meeting. 

Board Meeting Chair Services

Sometimes elected board members just fail when it comes to working together. We are, by nature, human with all our strengths and all our foibles. 247Condo offers professional chair services for regular board meetings, both in person or virtual, where we establish civility and function through the management of the meeting. 247Condo also provides training and education for boards that wish to learn the skills and best practices to work with problematic members (or become a less difficult one themselves.)

Developer & Professional Board Member Services

247Condo is highly professional when it comes to both operating a condo, strata, or HOA, and highly knowledgeable when it comes to understanding the legislation. We offer the best in providing professional board representation and support – for owners, boards, or developers to hire.