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Stephen Cassady
Stephen has 16 years of software and management experience for municipal, federal, and corporate clients: from the City of Airdrie, to Environment Canada, through to Defence Research Development Canada. He has received over a score of awards for his internet work and a showing at the New Museum of Contemporary Art in NYC. His work has been profiled in several places, including the Discovery Channel and IBM's Insight Magazine. With a keen interest in developing accessible applications that deliver value, he's taken his own condominium experience (including condo board President) to realize that there is a need to streamline many of the services for owners and management companies.

Along with 247Condo, Stephen serves as President of the Canadian Condominium Institute of Southern Alberta since 2009, served on the Canadian Condominium Institute's National Council from 2008-2011, serves on the Canadian Condominium Institute's Executive Board since 2011, is a member of the Province of Alberta's Condominium Property Act Review Committee, Member of the Association of Condominium Managers of Alberta, past president of a 107 unit condominium, current board member of a 205 unit condominium, and has lived in a condominium for over 13 years.

Mark Tudor
Advisory Board, Operations & Marketing

Mark has spent most of his life in sales, marketing and communications positions with a diverse but focused group of companies. Primarily Mark has worked with healthcare corporations - from multinational pharmacy to diagnostic providers spanning hundreds of employees and multiple municipalities. In each opportunity, he delivers on his primary passion of building inclusive work environments where all stakeholders attain success. Known to accept unbelievable and neigh-impossible projects and yet still deliver results, Mark thrives in making everything he participates in successful.

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247Condo is a software and consulting business focused on making condominium and strata life better.

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About 247Condo
Key People

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