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247Condo Consulting Services is about transferring the right knowledge, or developing the right response, to make government, the private sector, or an individual board meet outstanding challenges in regards to condominium.

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247Condo offers a consulting service to agencies, companies and boards looking for additional expertise in solving sales, marketing or owner issues in the condominium industry. Consulting services are provided by Stephen Cassady who has the following experience:

  1. Board member of 205 unit condominium, past president of 107 unit condominium
  2. President of the Canadian Condominium Institute - South Alberta 2009-2013
  3. National Council of the Canadian Condominium Institute (National) 2008-2011
  4. Executive Board of the Canadian Condominium Institute (National) since 2011
  5. Member Province of Alberta's Condominium Property Act Review Committee 2009-2013
  6. Taught multiple courses on condominium responsibility, board governance, and on the Alberta Condominium Property act
  7. Founding Member of a multi-organization initiative to unify condominium education in Alberta
  8. Court Appointed Administrator
  9. 3 years of crisis management work

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247Condo is a software and consulting business focused on making condominium and strata life better.

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