In person, or interactive online.
Serving Urban, Rural, and Distant Communities

In Person Services

Depending on your location, 247Condo can supply you with one of our company partners, or if we don’t have anyone local, we will utilize our significant network to suggest a trained, vetted, individual with experience in any of the four ADR specializations we provide.

In person is great for situations where the parties are uncertain about the ADR process, are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with technology, feel that reading body language is easier for them in person, or the circumstances of the ADR require on-site interaction.

Video/Web/Telephony/Virtual Services

Quickly growing to be our core delivery service, even with parties in the same locale as one of our partners. 

For Arbitration, this process allows for reduced fixed costs, greater timing options for the parties, and better tools for the adjudicator to write a fair and measured judgement. It is by far the best option for Arbitration.

For Mediation, it requires a bit more commitment from the parties because of some of the limitations of video conferencing (video is a requirement). Even then, virtual-based mediation is quickly growing as one of our successful choices to resolve conflict for those comfortable with online conferencing, or in rural and distant locations.  

Combined/Hybrid Services

Many situations also apply amazingly well to a combined or hybrid model.

For Administration, we often combine an in person meeting, or town hall, to bring a sense of commonality and trust to our clients, followed by long term virtual meetings with the occasional, additional, in person gathering. This has worked great where we’ve administered in small towns, as the process provides our clients professional services while keeping out-of-pocket and travel expenses to a minimum. 

For Chair Services, most corporations have moved towards virtual meetings in general – they are easier to hold, don’t require travel, and complete all the same work. Depending on the specific needs of a board meeting, our partners are fully comfortable working in person or virtual when chairing board meetings.