We Live, Breathe, Multi-Unit Dwellings.

Ok – perhaps the title is a bit overly enthusiastic regarding our love of condo, strata and HOAs. I mean, there certainly are other things in life to live for. 🙂

And yet, even then, the people involved in 24Condo are a little weird when it comes to Multi-Unit Dwellings (MUDs). While MUDs bring unparalleled opportunities when it comes to affordability, location, and – in fortunate locations – a real sense of community, they also can cause disputes.

No matter if these disputes are with contractors, trades or neighbours, they suck. They take time, energy, and money to resolve. They sap the resources of the corporation, and the energy of it’s volunteers.

With 247Condo, we believe we can do a bit of good in this world by helping these disputes resolve as quickly, and as fiscally sensible, as possible. Simply, at the end of the day, we are talking about people’s well being and enjoyment of their units. And if 247Condo can improve lives by resolving conflict, even for a couple people at a time, then we’ve done good.

We like doing good.

Sunny day shines on Condos Strata and HOA

We’ve been around since 2005,

focusing on making shared housing a better experience.

247Condo launched in 2005 as a software and consulting business focused on “Making Condominium Life Better”.

We were originally named after our first product: CondoTop. When we introduced our second product in 2010, we started a rebranding process that recognized our multiple condominium products and services. In 2011 we relaunched as 247Condo – with two software products (CondoPapers, CondoTop) and a consulting service with condominium, municipal, provincial and banking clients. We were first hired in 2013 for Court Appointed Administration and AGM chairing, as part of our consulting services. 

In 2019, we separated CondoPapers from 247Condo, and refocused 247Condo on the ADR part of our consulting services. It’s great! It’s where, in hindsight, this company was always going. More importantly, it allows us to focus on delivering good though ADR. We like delivering good.