4 services for any ADR need.

1. Mediation

For parties that want to resolve a dispute, while needing, desiring, or seeking to retain a working relationship. Mediation solves conflict through a cooperative process where the agreed resolution comes from, and is agreed to, by the parties.

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2. Arbitration

For parties that seek a clear ruling and award based on an impartial hearing of both their claims. Binding, private and confidential, arbitration is a rapid and cost effective way to decisively resolve issues.

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3. Court Appointed Administration

For condos, strata and HOAs that require an impartial administrator to manage their corporation. This is normally through a court order on behalf of an owner, or a party, in litigation with the corporation. Successful administration manages the corporation till such a point where it can be turned back to an owner based board.

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4. Chair & Board Services

For boards and owners that are in conflict, but still need to complete business. Make board meeting amicable, and General Meetings (AGMs and EGMs) functional – even the meetings you fear might be physically violent.

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In person, or interactive online.
Serving Urban, Rural, and Distant Communities.

Depending on your location, 247Condo can provide you ADR services in person, on interactive online. Supreme courts, huge businesses, and legislative assemblies all have used online to conduct business. We do too!

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